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Lawn Care Tips for Winter in Watchung, NJ

Lawn Care Tips for Winter in Watchung, NJ

Winter is coming, and with it are conditions that can prove disruptive to your lawn and plant life. When ice forms on grass and plants, grass blades, leaves, and stems can become hardened and brittle, and these effects are exacerbated if your lawn is in a weakened state.

While there is much you can do in the fall to help prepare for winter—a process called winterization—there is work still to be done during the winter. This can include lawn mowing, fertilization, winter mulching, and more. Here are a few tips for maintaining your lawn during winter in Watchung, NJ and surrounding areas.

1. Proper lawn mowing and fertilization help keep your lawn pristine.

Hands holding lawn fertilizer in Westfield, NJ.

Because weakened grass is more negatively affected by cold weather, keeping a healthy lawn throughout the year is key. Consistent lawn mowing, proper fertilization techniques, regular weed control—all of these services are critical to the health of your lawn no matter the time of year. While you may not necessarily be fertilizing your lawn during winter, for example, maintaining a consistent fertilization schedule throughout the rest of the year ensures your lawn will be ready to take on winter in full force.

2. Winter mulching helps protect plants from drastic temperature changes.

During the rest of the year, mulching is typically done to promote plant growth and discourage weeds from popping up. Mulch is also an effective insulant, protecting soil from extreme heat during the...

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How a Fall Lawn Cleanup Helps Your Yard

How a Fall Lawn Cleanup Helps Your Yard

Seasonal cleanups provide tremendous benefits for your yard, especially in the fall. A fall yard cleanup prepares your lawn for the upcoming winter months, creates more space, encourages new growth, and eliminates dangerous pests.

At Stream Line Lawn & Landscape, we always encourage our clients to invest in autumn lawn cleanups. If you live in Westfield, Watchung, Warren, and the surrounding areas of NJ, here is how a fall lawn cleanup helps your yard.

A Fall Cleanup Will Prepare Your Lawn for Winter

Yard cleanup services being performed for a yard in Watchung, NJ.

Wintertime brings harsh, cold weather, and if your lawn isn’t properly prepared for it, it can suffer serious damage. When you don’t properly clean your lawn during the fall, your lawn stays in a weakened state and is unable to soak up nutrients and store up strength for the colder months.

Leaf clutter suffocates your lawn and prevents sunlight and air from fueling it, and inhibits water from evaporating. When air and sunlight are unable to reach your lawn, your grass can’t go through photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is a foundational process for plants that converts food and sunlight into energy. Without energy, your lawn can’t grow, and it slowly decays and dies. When water is unable to evaporate from your lawn, it festers and mold, fungi, and other diseases begin to grow and spread to the rest of your lawn.

A yard cleanup removes debris and clutter from your lawn so it can have proper access to the nutrients it needs to...

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What Is Top Dressing & How It Helps Your Grass

What Is Top Dressing & How It Helps Your Grass

Your home’s lawn is a large part of your property and therefore requires certain maintenance and nutrients to help it grow strong, lush, and healthy. Nutrient deficiency can prevent your grass from looking its best by inhibiting its growth. Adding nutrients back into your soil using top dressing is a great way to give your lawn a boost.

Topdressing is great for lawns that need an extra nutrient boost, increased resilience against diseases and pests, and added moisture retention. If you live in Westfield, Watchung, Warren, and the surrounding areas of New Jersey, here are some ways top dressing can benefit your grass.

What Is Top Dressing?

Top dressing is a lawn care process of adding a thin layer of a prepared mix of soil and organic matter to the top of your lawn. It is used to level lawns when minor variations or depressions are apparent, help improve soil properties, and create a better environment for grass to grow. Top dressing can be applied either by hand using shovels to toss the dressing onto the grass or by a machine. A motorized top dressing spreader machine evenly spreads a thin layer of top dressing approximately a quarter of an inch thick across your lawn.

Top dressing is typically composed of compost, soil, organic matter, and various types of sand. If performed properly, top dressing addresses common lawn issues such as low spots, uneven terrain, compacted soil, thatch buildup, bare spots, and nutrient deficiency.

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