If your lawn in New Jersey is struggling to stay lush and green, the pH levels in your soil may be low. There are a few ways to tell if its pH levels are low. For example, excessive weed growth, yellow grass, and ineffective fertilization treatments are all symptoms of acidic soil and may require lime treatments to fix. However, you'll want to do a soil test to confirm that's the issue, but if it is, then lime treatments are just what you need. These treatments will balance your soil's pH levels and improve your lawn's nutrient uptake, which will help it become lush and green again!

Low pH levels in your soil might be impacting your lawn's health and beauty.

Low pH levels may be the reason your lawn is struggling to stay lush and green. Low pH levels mean your soil may be too acidic, which can cause problems like inhibiting your turf's ability to intake nutrients. There are a few signs to look out for that may indicate your soil’s pH levels are low, including the following:

  • Excessive Weed Growth: Weeds thrive in acidic soil and tend to pop up more frequently when it has a low pH level.
  • Yellow Grass: Yellow grass signals that it's unhealthy and lacks vital nutrients, so this can be a good indicator that your soil is too acidic.
  • Ineffective Fertilization Treatments: Acidic soil does not respond well to fertilization treatments. Soil that’s too acidic will impact how efficiently your grass takes in nutrients, so you may not notice any significant changes to its health or beauty no matter how many times you fertilize it.

Always do a soil test just to be sure low pH levels are the issue with your lawn.

While your lawn's health can deteriorate because the soil is too acidic, it’s possible that it isn’t because of low pH levels. Weeds and yellow grass could be indicators of other issues, which is why it’s best to do a soil test to make sure low pH levels are the actual problem. That way, you don't spend time and money on potentially unnecessary treatments. A soil test will be able to tell you if low pH levels are the issue and what you can do to fix it. Soil tests involve taking chemical measurements of several nutrients to see if there are enough in the ground to sustain your grass’ growth. If the pH level is below 6.2, your soil is too acidic and will need to be treated. A soil test will also give recommendations for what nutrients your lawn needs more of to improve its health.

The ideal pH level for soil is between 6.5 and 7.0.

Lime treatments will balance your soil's pH levels and improve nutrient uptake.

If your soil has low pH levels, lime treatments are the best solution. Lime balances pH levels by making your soil less acidic and more alkaline. These treatments also release calcium and magnesium into the soil, which will improve your lawn’s ability to absorb vital nutrients. With improved nutrient uptake, your grass can become healthy and lush again before long!

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