It can be tough to keep your lawn looking lush and green in extreme weather conditions such as heavy snowfall like we have here in Westfield, NJ. Overseeding is an excellent option to prevent thinning or bare spots. Still, sometimes it's not enough—give your grass seed the best chance at germinating by ensuring your landscaper applies topdressing before spreading seed on your lawn!

Our company is a strong believer in the benefits of topdressing when it comes to increased grass growth. It provides that extra kick to help your lawn grow faster and thicker. How? Keep reading to understand why.

Better Nutrient Absorption

Topdressing provides added nutrients to your freshly aerated soil. As the topdressing falls into the newly created holes in your lawn, it creates the perfect incubator in which grass seeds can germinate. In addition, the compost that goes into the topdressing catalyzes the growth of soil flora that helps your grass fight off various diseases.

Some of the most important nutrients found in topdressing include:

  • Nitrogen - A main component of chlorophyll
  • Phosphorus - Helps energy transfer and nutrient movement
  • Potassium - Assists the movement of water/controls opening and closing of stomata

Reduces the Need for Constant Fertilization

Because topdressing possesses a rich mix of essential nutrients for your grass, applying it to your lawn will reduce the need for frequent fertilization. The decayed organic matter in topdressing acts as a long-lasting fertilizer and helps your grass retain moisture and nutrients. Water retention is vital during the hot summer months because it prevents individual blades of grass from drying out, turning yellow, and wilting.

Levels Your Lawn Once Grass Begins to Grow

Another benefit of topdressing is that you’ll gain a leveled lawn. Our landscapers can level your lawn in two ways. First, your lawn may even out after the application of topdressing when the grass seeds germinate and start to grow. Second, we can use topdressing to fill in any depressions in your topsoil to create a more even landscape.

Improves Seed Germination

A lawn of young grass growing healthily in Watchung, NJ.

Aeration and topdressing increase the contact your grass seeds have with nutrient-rich soil. Topdressing acts as a catalyst during the germination process, resulting in faster growth and thicker blades of grass. Topdressing also improves the germination rate, often increasing it from an average of 80% to almost 90%.

Prevents Weed Growth

Since topdressing helps new blades of grass grow thicker, it decreases the chances of weeds finding a place to establish roots. As the empty patches of dirt begin to fill up with grass, it creates a snowball effect that allows your lawn to gain momentum and outcompete unwanted invasive weed species.

Topdressing also reduces thatch buildup. Over time, fallen blades of grass and other organic materials accumulate just above the soil. This debris makes it more difficult for grass to grow, leaving extra space for weeds to take hold. Thatch can also hurt nutrient and moisture absorption, leading to weaker grass that's more susceptible to damage and weeds.

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Reduces External Stress

Adding a layer of topdressing can reduce the amount of stress placed on your lawn by heavy foot traffic. In essence, the topdressing acts like a buffer to lessen the impact of human activity, preventing your soil from becoming too compacted. Think of it as an organic shield between the soles of your shoes and the original topsoil.

Get Better a Lawn with Our Topdressing and Overseeding Services

Some landscapers apply pure compost as topdressing. Others use sand or nearby soil. We create a custom mix of compost and local soil suitable for your specific soil type. If your grass needs a little help growing, schedule a service with our professional lawn care team at (833) 452-9666 for your property in Westfield, Watchung, NJ or a nearby city.