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This home owner has opted to install a walkway that separates two large landscape beds.

Mulch & Rock InstallationIn Somerset & Union County, NJ (Westfield, Watchung, Warren, etc)

Our expert installation of ground coverings of mulch or rock will serve to protect the roots of your landscape plants, as well as add a pleasing aesthetic.

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Our experts put the finishing touch on your landscape with mulch or rock installation in Westfield, Watchung, and Warren, NJ.

Installing mulch or rock reduces weeds, erosion, maintenance, and provides an aesthetically pleasing ground cover.

The long landscape bed of this homeowner in Westfield needs to be refreshed.

Why not put a finishing touch on your landscape? Mulch or rock installation can reduce weeds, erosion, and the maintenance of flowerbeds and gardens. In addition to creating a practical and protective covering for the roots of your plants in the beautiful areas of your landscape, they provide an aesthetically pleasing ground cover that adds neatness and increases curb appeal.

Our experts are ready to serve you in the communities in and around Westfield, Watchung, and Warren, NJ.

Benefits of Installing Mulch or Rock Ground Covers

Some customers, like this homeowner in Watchung, decide to have both mulch and rock installed.

There are several distinct benefits provided by installing mulch or rock ground covers in your landscape beds, such as:

  • Prevents Soil Erosion – Mulch provides a layer of protection against rain and other elements, thereby protecting against ground erosion. Further, since people are less likely to walk on mulched areas, there is less soil compaction.
  • Aids in Moisture Retention – Since mulch drastically reduces the amount of moisture that evaporates from the ground, you will spend less money and time watering your plants and flowers.
  • Increases Soil Insulation – In winter, mulch insulates the ground and protects against extreme cold. During warm weather, a layer of mulch will cool the ground beneath, providing protection from excessive heat.
  • Provides Added Beauty – Mulch and rocks add a lovely contrast to the greenery of your plants, flowers, and lawn. Mulching provides a relatively inexpensive way to enhance the beauty of your home and increase curb appeal.
  • Repels Bugs Since they don’t decompose, rocks do not attract insects and other pests, thereby keeping flowerbeds free of bugs.
  • Creates a Weed Barrier – A layer of mulch or rocks provides a natural barrier to weeds, as adding a layer of mulch or rocks deprives weeds of the light they need to germinate and grow.
  • Long-Lasting Results Rocks are a low-maintenance option that provides long-lasting benefits in that they are durable and come in a variety of shapes, colors, and textures. Rocks maintain appearance, are resistant to wind, and hold up against human and pet traffic.

While mulch should be replenished each spring, rocks last longer and only need to be refreshed every two years. Additionally, rocks work well in all climates and seasons. 

Most Popular Types of Ground Coverings in Our Area

No matter where you may go in the state of NJ, you will find that certain areas will demonstrate regional tendencies. In the Westfield, Watchung, and Warren area, this holds true with regards to mulch and rock. In our area, the most popular ground covering types are:

  • Brown hardwood mulch
  • Black colored mulch
  • River rock

Call our professionals for an estimate on ground cover installation for your property.

This Warren landscape bed is due for a refresh.

Considering the role that your plants, flowers, and vegetables play in brightening up your yard, why not highlight their beauty and protect them at the same time? Our team of experts can help you add a finishing touch that will showcase the artistry of your yard, while also reducing the frequency of its maintenance. Our professionals can help you decide what ground cover installation is right for you, whether you are considering mulch or rock, and stand ready to answer your questions as well as provide you with an estimate – the beautification of your property is simply a phone call away!

Reach out and call one of the dedicated members of our staff at (833) 452-9666. We proudly serve Westfield, Watchung, and Warren, NJ.

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