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Sod Installation In Somerset & Union County, NJ (Westfield, Watchung, Warren, etc)

Get a lush, green lawn with our sod installation service.

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Sod Installation in Westfield, NJ & Nearby Areas Like Watchung & Warren

Our sod installation service will give you an instant lawn!

Sod is pre-grown grass, meaning that once it is installed, you'll have an instantly green lawn! A new layer of sod can transform any property, and our experts here at Stream Line Lawn & Landscape are ready to install it for you. Our sod installation service will leave you with a beautiful, green lawn. We start with a soil test so we understand the conditions we're working with. As part of our process, we grade the turf, put down a layer of compost and rake it, lay the sod, roll the sod into the ground, and finish with a starter fertilizer. Our professionals will give you the most ideal watering schedule so you can give your sod the hydration it needs. We offer our sod installation service to homes and businesses in and around Westfield, Watchung, and Warren, NJ. Call us at (833) 452-9666 to get started today!

We Test Your Soil Before Installing Your Sod

Before we lay down new sod, we do a soil test to make sure we understand its conditions. The test will tell us information about the composition of your soil, like the pH levels and the amount of nutrients your soil has. It’s best for us to understand your soil’s conditions beforehand so we know how to fertilize your lawn after installation.

Our Sod Installation Process

Before we lay down your sod, we have an extensive process that we use to prepare your soil so it's ready for your new grass. Our installation process includes the following:

  • Grading: We begin by grading the soil where we’re going to install the new sod so there aren't any uneven slopes or dips on your lawn.
  • Adding Compost: Before we install any sod, we’ll lay down some compost on your lawn. Compost helps establish a nutrient-rich and healthy lawn that gives the roots of your new sod a great environment to grow deep and strong.
  • Hand-Raking: We will hand-rake the compost so that it's level and smooth before laying down the sod.
  • Installing the Sod: We will roll out the sod and ensure that every inch of your soil is covered.
  • Rolling in the Sod: After we lay the sod, we'll take a roller to press it down so it connects with the soil underneath. This will help anchor it in place.
  • Starter Fertilizer: We will use a starter fertilizer to jumpstart the establishment process. The fertilizer will give the sod roots a boost of vital nutrients to help them grow healthy and strong.

We offer several types of sod and can help you choose the best one for your property.

Our Experts Will Help You Figure Out the Best Watering Schedule for Your New Sod

Once we’ve installed the sod, it’ll need some extra TLC to make sure the roots can grow deep and strong into your soil. The main way to ensure your sod’s health is by watering it consistently. Our professionals will give you a watering schedule so you can continue doing it yourself.

Call us today to schedule our sod installation service!

If you're looking to install sod for a brighter, greener lawn, our experts are ready to help! At Stream Line Lawn & Landscape, we provide our sod installation service to residential and commercial properties in Westfield, Watchung, Warren, and the surrounding areas in New Jersey. Give us a call today at (833) 452-9666 to schedule our sod installation service!