Most homeowners here in Westfield, NJ and neighboring areas enjoy having a nice lawn. Once in a while, you may see a family of deer passing by. They sure are cute, but they may be causing more harm than you think. Unfortunately, deer damage is a serious problem. Deer love to feed on that landscaping that you work so hard to maintain. They can also carry harmful diseases right into your backyard.

Our team can help with repelling deer in Westfield, Watchung, Warren, NJ, and the surrounding area. Let's go over some of the damages that deer can do to your yard. That way, you can better understand how to keep your landscape safe and beautiful.

Deer love any kind of vegetation including trees, shrubs, flowers, and gardens.

Deer love to eat. They actually feed on over 500 different types of plants. If your lawn is easily accessible to deer passing by, they will come back to keep eating your plants until everything is gone. Deer will eat anything—your trees, shrubs, flowers, and garden vegetation. They love berries!

If you don’t take action to keep deer off your property, you might have to spend money on replacing or fixing your plants. This is very time-consuming. Our environmentally-friendly deer repellant is a great way to keep deer out without harming them.

Deer will also spread ticks, putting your family and pets at risk for various illnesses.

Besides destroying your plants, deer also carry and spread ticks. If you live in a wooded area, there is a high chance the deer nearby are carrying ticks. If you have children or pets that play outside, they may be at risk of catching tick-borne illnesses, like:

  • Lymes disease
  • Anaplasmosis
  • Babesiosis
  • Ehrlichiosis

These diseases are serious and can cause severe rashes, aches, feelings of weakness, and more. Deer also carry other diseases, such as bovine tuberculosis and possibly rabies. These can be spread from their droppings, which are very difficult to remove from grass. It is easier to prevent deer from coming into your lawn at all, so your family can enjoy your property safely.

Deer droppings can burn your lawn and spread harmful bacteria.

Did you know that deer droppings can actually burn your grass? Animal manure has high nitrogen content. Although nitrogen is good for your lawn, too much in one spot can burn your grass. Deer droppings tend to be in, well, piles, which often overfertilize the grass under them.

Deer droppings can also spread harmful bacteria. To make matters worse, removing deer droppings can be difficult because they are small and everywhere.

How to prevent deer from entering or re-entering your lawn

With all the complications that come with having deer in your yard, it’s worth it to consider our deer repellant spray. It works by driving deer away based on an unpleasant taste and smell. It's safe to use, and our team only has to apply it about once a month.

Other ways of preventing deer from coming onto your lawn include:

  • Installing plants that naturally deter deer (ornamental grass, spruce, boxwood, thorny roses, catmint, etc.)
  • Having a motion-activated sprinkler system
  • Putting up hedges or a fence to create a border

Contact us today if deer are causing damage and taking over your property!

If you’re sick of deer damaging your lawn and landscape and looking to try out a deer repellent, look no further. At Stream Line Lawn & Landscape, we’ve served Westfield, Watchung, Warren, and surrounding areas for over three decades. Our team can apply a nature-friendly deer repellant to keep your landscape safe from deer damage and your family safe from disease. Call us today at (833) 452-9666 for an estimate.