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Landscape plant bed around Westfield, NJ home.

Westfield, NJ Lawn & Landscape Care

Keep your Westfield, NJ lawn happy and healthy with our full offering of lawn care, landscaping, and lawn maintenance services.

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Lawn care and maintenance for residential and commercial properties in Westfield, NJ.

With aeration, routine lawn mowing, fertilization, mulch installation, and more, we ensure your lawn and landscaping is reaching optimal levels of health.

Home to notable people such as Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, Westfield, NJ has a strong history dating all the way back to the early 1720s. The town was one of New Jersey's original 104 townships. Working in such a historical and beautiful area is a privilege for those of us at Stream Line Lawn & Landscape.

For us, it's vital to continue the upkeep of this scenic area and that's part of why we are so passionate about providing quality lawn care, lawn maintenance, and landscaping services to Westfield residential and commercial properties. Our services are numerous but include things such as routine lawn mowing, mulch installation, aeration, and fertilization so your lawn reaches optimal health levels.

Routine Lawn Mowing Ensures Your Lawn Reaps Maximum Benefits from Photosynthesis

Freshly mowed home lawn in Westfield, NJ.

Throughout mid-April to late November, we provide weekly lawn mowing services for Westfield, Nj. Weekly mows are important because if your grass becomes overgrown, it won't be able to absorb nutrients as well or reap the maximum photosynthesis benefits. When we mow your lawn, we try to stick to the 1/3 rule, meaning we do not cut the blade by more than a third of its height each time. Routine mowing also helps us prevent insect infestations and lawn diseases. Other services included with our weekly mows are:

  • String-trimming
  • Edging
  • Blowing

Lawn mowing is part of our lawn services package, which also involves yard cleanups, storm debris removal, and snow removal. 

Repair & Renovate Your Lawn with Sod Installation, Aeration, or Topdressing

When your lawn in Westfield, NJ sees a lot of use and heavy foot traffic, it may require lawn repair. Our lawn repair and renovation services can help fix those issues, as well as any damage that may be caused by common lawn insects or diseases. No one wants to see brown, dying grass on their lawn, and the health of your lawn starts with your soil. If your soil is imbalanced, we can add a topdressing treatment to help. Performing core aeration and overseeding is also an option. 

When we install new sod, we first kill off the existing grass with a sod cutter. This evenly removes the grass, leaving a clean area for the new sod. We also treat and prepare your soil before putting down a new sod installation. Popular types of sod in our area include tall fescue, Kentucky bluegrass, and zoysia. 

Landscaping Installation & Maintenance Services for Westfield, NJ Properties

Enjoying the outdoor space of your Westfield, NJ property is important—and that starts with quality landscaping services. We can design and install new landscaping, or renovate existing landscape beds. With each client, we sit down and discuss their needs before mapping out a digital landscape design. We try to install plants that are proven to thrive in our zone, as this is more eco-friendly.

Installing proper ground cover is also an important part of landscaping. We have many options of popular mulch and rock to choose from. Ground cover has many benefits, including a natural weed barrier, moisture retention, prevention of soil erosion, and more. Mulch should be replenished every year, while rock should be replenished every other year for the best benefits. 

Our ongoing landscape trimming and pruning allow us to keep your plants looking shapely and also inspect regularly for signs of plant disease or insects. if we detect signs of those, we can quickly determine a course of action and work to stop the disease or insect infestation with our plant health services.

Nurture Your Grass with Fertilization & Weed Control Treatments Applied Throughout the Year

Westfield, NJ lawn being fertilized by hand.

At Stream Line Lawn & Landscape, we believe fertilizer should be applied three times per year in early spring, late spring, and late summer. Grass gets the most nutrients when fertilizer is laid down during times of active growth. There are many different types of fertilizers that work well in different situations, and our professional lawn care team will be able to choose the best treatment for your Westfield property. We also provide monthly weed control to keep weeds at bay so they do not become overgrown and take over your lawn. 

We also offer organic fertilizer and weed control options for those who wish to reduce chemicals on their lawn.

Put a Stop to Pest Appearances in Your Yard with Our Pest Control Treatments

If you're seeing extra pests in your Westfield yard, we can help put a stop to their appearances. We provide pest control solutions for a few pests that plague our area. The treatments we administer include:

Ticks transmit diseases such as Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. In our area of New Jersey, we have an issue with an expanding tick population and with those diseases being a risk from their bites, it's imperative to apply regular tick control treatments. These treatments help keep you, your family, customers, and pets safe from a tick bite.

To keep mosquitoes and their itchy, painful bites away, we also apply mosquito control treatments during mosquito season. This ensures these nasty pests and the diseases they carry like Eastern Equine Encephalitis and West Nile virus are not on your property, bothering anyone who may wish to enjoy the outdoor space.

Our environmentally-friendly deer repellent spray keeps deer in the forest and off of your property. These animals, while adorable, can actually cause a lot of damage to your lawn and landscaping. They also carry harmful diseases and can leave behind waste in your yard. The spray simply outputs a smell that deters deer as it is unpleasant to them. The spray is safe for animals and people.

If your Westfield, NJ property is in need of landscaping, lawn care, lawn maintenance, or other services, contact us today!

At Stream Line Lawn & Landscape, we have 30 years of experience in providing lawn care, landscaping, lawn maintenance, and many other services to residential and commercial properties in Westfield, NJ. If you're interested in the services offered by our lawn care company, then give us a call today at (833) 452-9666 to set up a consultation!