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Why You Need to Keep Deer Out of Your Yard

Why You Need to Keep Deer Out of Your Yard

As construction continues to take over previously forested areas, the animals that once lived there, such as deer, must seek out new areas to live. At first glance, deer may seem cute and unthreatening. But these animals can actually cause irreparable damage to your landscape plants, shrubs, trees, and also carry harmful diseases. Using deer repellent keeps deer away from your yard and drives them back into the forest where they belong.

Here are some reasons why you need to keep deer out of your yard in areas such as Westfield, Watchung, Warren, and nearby cities in New Jersey.

Deer Will Destroy Your Plants, Trees, & Shrubs

Did you know deer will consume close to 500 different types of plants? Once they know your landscaping or garden bed is accessible, they will come back to eat your plants until they are completely destroyed. They are also very likely to invade your property as soon as spring growth begins to pop up, and that is when your plants are at their most vulnerable stages right as they come out of dormancy.

If deer feed on your trees, that can also invite in tree disease as their feeding can open up holes in the bark. It weakens the tree and makes it more susceptible to both disease and insect infestation. Those diseases and insects can then spread to other trees on your property.

Deer Carry Ticks & Transmit Tick-Borne Illnesses

A deer in an overgrown area of a yard in Watchung, NJ.

Another threat deer pose to you, family, friends, and your pets is that they...

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How a Fall Lawn Cleanup Helps Your Yard

How a Fall Lawn Cleanup Helps Your Yard

Seasonal cleanups provide tremendous benefits for your yard, especially in the fall. A fall yard cleanup prepares your lawn for the upcoming winter months, creates more space, encourages new growth, and eliminates dangerous pests.

At Stream Line Lawn & Landscape, we always encourage our clients to invest in autumn lawn cleanups. If you live in Westfield, Watchung, Warren, and the surrounding areas of NJ, here is how a fall lawn cleanup helps your yard.

A Fall Cleanup Will Prepare Your Lawn for Winter

Yard cleanup services being performed for a yard in Watchung, NJ.

Wintertime brings harsh, cold weather, and if your lawn isn’t properly prepared for it, it can suffer serious damage. When you don’t properly clean your lawn during the fall, your lawn stays in a weakened state and is unable to soak up nutrients and store up strength for the colder months.

Leaf clutter suffocates your lawn and prevents sunlight and air from fueling it, and inhibits water from evaporating. When air and sunlight are unable to reach your lawn, your grass can’t go through photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is a foundational process for plants that converts food and sunlight into energy. Without energy, your lawn can’t grow, and it slowly decays and dies. When water is unable to evaporate from your lawn, it festers and mold, fungi, and other diseases begin to grow and spread to the rest of your lawn.

A yard cleanup removes debris and clutter from your lawn so it can have proper access to the nutrients it needs to...

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What Is Top Dressing & How It Helps Your Grass

What Is Top Dressing & How It Helps Your Grass

Your home’s lawn is a large part of your property and therefore requires certain maintenance and nutrients to help it grow strong, lush, and healthy. Nutrient deficiency can prevent your grass from looking its best by inhibiting its growth. Adding nutrients back into your soil using top dressing is a great way to give your lawn a boost.

Topdressing is great for lawns that need an extra nutrient boost, increased resilience against diseases and pests, and added moisture retention. If you live in Westfield, Watchung, Warren, and the surrounding areas of New Jersey, here are some ways top dressing can benefit your grass.

What Is Top Dressing?

Top dressing is a lawn care process of adding a thin layer of a prepared mix of soil and organic matter to the top of your lawn. It is used to level lawns when minor variations or depressions are apparent, help improve soil properties, and create a better environment for grass to grow. Top dressing can be applied either by hand using shovels to toss the dressing onto the grass or by a machine. A motorized top dressing spreader machine evenly spreads a thin layer of top dressing approximately a quarter of an inch thick across your lawn.

Top dressing is typically composed of compost, soil, organic matter, and various types of sand. If performed properly, top dressing addresses common lawn issues such as low spots, uneven terrain, compacted soil, thatch buildup, bare spots, and nutrient deficiency.

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How to Keep Mosquitoes Out of Your Yard

How to Keep Mosquitoes Out of Your Yard

The warm weather is here. The only catch is that your friends and family aren’t the only guests at your weekend barbeque. In fact, there will likely be hundreds of other visitors buzzing around—and they want your blood!

To avoid painful, itchy bites—not to mention potentially serious illnesses, it’s important to learn how to keep mosquitoes out of your yard. Below you will find several suggestions from the lawn and landscape care pros here at Stream Line Lawn & Landscape.

Clear Out, Empty Stagnant Water & Piles of Leaves

Mosquitoes are breeding in this stagnant water in Watchung, NJ.

By now, everyone knows that mosquitoes breed in pools of stagnant water. A lesser known fact is that they also enjoy reproducing in nasty, moist piles of leaves and lawn debris. Many landscaping companies offer spring cleanups, which is a helpful way to eliminate the problem.

As for keeping stagnant water away from your property, it’s up to the homeowner to do the leg work. Take a quick tour of your property and identify potential breeding sites, which can include pooled water, bird baths, and even the bottom of fire pits. Once identified, dump them out! Also, take a moment to see if you can prevent the water from accumulating during the next storm.

Hire a Professional Pest Control Crew

The most effective method for keeping mosquitoes out of your yard is to hire a professional pest control crew. Many landscaping companies such as Stream Line Lawn & Landscape provide pest control services to help manage the problem. The pros know how to...

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Why Your Landscaping Needs Mulch

Why Your Landscaping Needs Mulch

Adding mulch to landscape beds or other areas without grass is often done to produce a neat and even look. Many home and business owners may be unaware that there are also several important benefits that mulch provides for the health of plants.

For those wondering why your landscaping beds located in Westfield, Watchung, Warren, and nearby New Jersey areas need mulch, the answer is that it offers a trifecta of health benefits, including soil insulation, erosion control, and added water absorption.

Proper mulch coverage offers soil insulation during extreme temperature changes.

We installed rock ground cover at this commercial property in Watchung, NJ.

Plants require several things from our environment to promote healthy growth: air, water, and nutrients. If the air is too hot or too cold, plants will suffer. A proper mulch installation can help in the battle to prevent damage to your plants from extreme temperatures.

The soil can maintain healthy levels of moisture easier to provide the plant with the nutrients it needs for survival. It’s still a good idea to cover your plants to protect them during hard freezes, but the mulch will play a role in preventing the total death of the plant.

A 1” to 2” layer can act as a blanket to insulate the soil and help to regulate a plant’s temperature.

Mulch delivers erosion control during storms and snowmelts.

Rushing water can deal serious damage to the soil beneath your plants, stripping it of the essential nutrients that give them...

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How to Ensure Your Lawn Stays Healthy All Year

How to Ensure Your Lawn Stays Healthy All Year

Are you doing everything you can to make sure your lawn stays healthy all year long? At Stream Line Lawn & Landscape, customers are offered a service menu intended to keep their lawns and landscaping fresh, healthy, and thriving throughout the changing seasons.

Many tasks go into maintaining a beautiful exterior. Hiring professionals to handle your outdoor chores helps free up your time and is worth every cent. Stream Line Lawn & Landscape's extensive services protect your lawn, landscaping, home, and family.

Mowing, Fertilizing, Weed Control, Pest Control, and More for Your Property

Well-maintained landscaping at a property in Westfield, NJ.

Your lawn is recognizably the most important component of your exterior property. It can make or break your entire aesthetic. To maintain continued curb appeal, we have compiled our routine lawn care services and the recommended times that they should be performed.

Whether you are approaching your lawn in a DIY manner or looking into hiring your own lawn care maintenance services, this guideline should help keep your lawn in top shape!

  • Mowing, Edging, and Trimming: These should be maintained on a weekly basis from mid-April to late November. Mowing patterns should be rotated weekly and follow the one-third height cut to achieve maximum lawn health.
  • Fertilizing: Fertilize your lawn approximately three times a year spread out between early spring, late spring, and late summer. Consider testing your soil levels to provide the right balance of nutrients in your fertilizer blend.
  • Weed Control: Take control...
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