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A front yard that is benefiting from preventative full-service lawn care.

Lawn CareIn Somerset & Union County, NJ (Westfield, Watchung, Warren, etc)

Our trained professionals will fortify your grass with the proper balance of nutrients, handle weed control, apply insect control treatments, and more.

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Bring in our trained professionals to provide your full-service lawn care needs in Westfield, Watchung, Warren, and the surrounding areas.

In the last five decades, we have produced great-looking yards for businesses and homeowners by providing correct nutrients and combating weeds.

Westfield weed-free front lawn after weed control treatments from Stream Line Lawn & Landscape.

We’ve learned through experience how to provide full-service lawn care to produce great-looking yards that last. Our goal is to nurture your landscaping investment to its fullest potential by providing the correct nutrients and combating pesky weeds. Proper care is truly a science, and we’ve spent the last five decades perfecting it for both businesses and homeowners alike.

At Stream Line Lawn & Landscape, we don’t cut corners when it comes to lawn and property health. Our trained professionals service properties in Westfield, Watchung, and Warren, NJ.

We Fortify Your Grass With Fertilization, Weed Control, Insect, Topdressing, & Lime Treatments

We apply our fertilization services to lawns across the region to fortify grass and give it the strength to resist weeds. Even with proper fertilization, weeds can still take root. Our weed control service is critical in preventing your grass from being choked out and denied proper nutrition.

We provide insect control to prevent infestations of the pesky bugs that feed on your landscape plants. We can keep bugs from breeding and multiplying to stay ahead of the problem. Another important treatment we utilize is spreading of nutrition-rich compost topdressing, which helps to promote growth and allows grass to properly establish itself into the soil. Topdressing serves many purposes, including fighting thatch build-up, preventing winter desiccation, and speeding up the recovery of struggling lawns. Our lime treatments keep your lawn’s pH levels balanced for optimum growth.

When Are the Most Effective Times of the Year for Application of Commonly Used Fertilizers?

For best results, fertilizer should be applied three times a year; in early spring, late spring, and again in late summer. It is most effective to apply the process when grass is in active growth, and not during the hottest summer months. It’s important to know whether you have cool or warm season grass to decide on a fertilization schedule.

Our team will help determine how often feedings are needed, but it’s important to apply fertilizer in many treatments during periods of active growth to give the grass strength and fullness. Here are the different types of commonly used fertilizers:

  • Organic - contains animal manure, compost, mineral deposits, and other natural ingredients
  • Inorganic/synthetic - made from chemicals
  • Chemical Nitrogenous - converts nitrogen into ammonia to fertilize
  • Phosphate - can be made from organic phosphate or synthetic
  • Potassium - increases potassium content in gardens and fields

There are many types of fertilizers available because plants need treatments designed for their pH levels and nutrient requirements.

Fertilizing New Lawns or Established Lawns Require Different Balances of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, & Potassium

Front lawn in Watchung receiving the correct mixture of NPK, resulting in thick growth.

When fertilizing new lawns, it is recommended to use a “starter” product high in phosphorus to boost root formation. Established lawns are usually fed with products that contain more nitrogen than phosphorus, but both new and existing lawns should receive potassium. It’s a tricky balance that our experienced pros can manage for you to yield the best results.

Details About Our Regularly Scheduled Lawn Weed Control

Regularly scheduled lawn weed control and prevention are necessary to ensure your yard can thrive. Weeds take up valuable space in your lawn and landscaping areas, stealing nutrients from your grass and plant life. Our treatments work down to the root to eradicate weeds to give your lawn a consistent look and healthy root system. It’s important to maintain treatments at least every month to prevent certain weeds from establishing deeper, stronger roots.

Organic weed control options that don't use Glysophate (Roundup).

For those homeowners and businesses that prefer to stay organic, we have options for you too! Most industry standard weed control services rely upon herbicides, which use a chemical base such as Glysophate or Dicamba to kill weeds. With our organic weed control program, we use natural elements to control the weed growth in your lawn. Although the organic weed control options take a bit longer to be effective, they are safer on human and pet contact.

Common Weeds in Our Area Include Annual Bluegrass, Annual Ryegrass & Others

Some weed species pop up in yards across the country, but some are more common in our area. We have experience treating lawns in the region for weeds by targeting them before they become overly established.

Here are several weeds known to grow in the Westfield, Watchung, and Warren, NJ area:

  • Annual bluegrass
  • Annual ryegrass
  • Barnyard grass
  • Black medic
  • Bristly oxtongue
  • Broadleaf dock

Lime Treatments Restore Lawn pH

This homeowner in %%targetaea3%% has a lawn that's benefiting from pH treatments.

If your lawn is beginning to grow moss, or is growing slowly, it may be a sign that a lime treatment is needed to restore a healthy pH. Lime restores the balance by lowering the acidity of your soil. Our team will consult with you about whether this service is needed and how it can help your lawn.

When there is an imbalance in your lawn’s pH, there will be a decrease in nutrients for grass and plants to feed on.

Call for a consultation on full-service lawn care that is focused on preventative maintenance.

At Stream Line Lawn & Landscape, we have built trust with our clients by delivering excellent service and results that speak for themselves. Full-service lawn care with a focus on preventative maintenance is the best strategy, so call us today at (833) 452-9666 to take the first step toward a healthier lawn by scheduling a consultation. We are happy to serve residential and commercial clients in and around Westfield, Watchung, and Warren, NJ.

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