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Topdressing for your lawn increases the health of your grass and soil in Warren, NJ.

Top Dressing Services In Somerset & Union County, NJ (Westfield, Watchung, Warren, etc)

Improve the health of your lawn and soil with top dressing services that increase the amount of organic matter in your soil.

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Top dressing services for homes and businesses in Westfield, Watchung, Warren, and nearby areas.

Add top dressing, a prepared mix of soil and other organic matter, to your lawn to improve soil quality and strengthen grass.

Top dressing material is nourishing this grass in Watchung, NJ.

When your soil doesn’t have enough nutrients, it negatively impacts your grass and other plants as they grow. They don’t have the ability to absorb those much-needed nutrients from the soil. One way to fix this issue is by applying a top dressing treatment to your lawn.

We provide top dressing treatments to residences and businesses in Westfield, Watchung, Warren, and other nearby New Jersey communities.

What is Top Dressing & How It Benefits Your Lawn

Top dressing a lawn involves putting down about a quarter-inch of organic matter over the top of your grass. It can be spread by shovels or by machine. At Stream Line Lawn & Landscape, we use a machine in order to be as efficient as possible. It is most effective after a lawn has been aerated and dethatched. When top dressing is performed after core aeration, it gives the top dressing material an opportunity to settle into the holes left by the aerator.

The materials used for top dressing can vary depending on the needs of individual lawns. Most topdressing is made from composted materials that are highly decomposed.

At Stream Line Lawn & Landscape, we use high-quality topdressing materials so that your lawn gets the maximum benefits.

The benefits of applying top dressing include increasing organic matter in your soil, as well as:

  • Strong, healthy grass: The extra organic matter in the soil will give the grass the nutrients it needs to grow to optimal health. Roots will grow deeper into the soil as the grass becomes stronger.
  • Stops weeds from growing: Topdressing provides an extra barrier for weeds as it’s more difficult for them to break through.
  • Helps to keep moisture in the soil: An extra layer of top dressing serves as a way to increase moisture retention and decrease evaporation.

Top dressing can also serve to smooth out your lawn and get rid of any bumps that may pop up. Bumps can happen due to earthworms and other bugs under the soil.

Who Should Use Top Dressing for Their Lawns

Top dressing can benefit any property, particularly those with lower nutrients in their soil. To determine the levels of nutrients in your soil, a soil test can be conducted. Top dressing is best performed after aeration and overseeding in the early spring to give your lawn an extra boost for the rest of the growing season.

Contact us today to learn more about our topdressing services.

We can perform top dressing services for any home or business in Westfield, Watchung, Warren, and surrounding New Jersey areas. If your yard is in need of a nutrient boost, top dressing is a great way to give it just that. Contact us today at (833) 452-9666 to set up a consultation so we can determine the best course of treatment for your lawn!

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