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The rising deer population in NJ has increased the need for homeowners and business owners to use deer repellent services.

Deer RepellentIn Somerset & Union County, NJ (Westfield, Watchung, Warren, etc)

We apply an environmentally safe deer repellent spray on your property that deters deer from destroying your landscape plants and helps you avoid tick-borne illnesses.

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Residential and commercial deer repellent services covering properties in Westfield, Watchung, Warren, NJ and other surrounding communities.

With our monthly deer repellent spray, you can avoid the issues of destroyed plants, harmful waste, and the threat of disease.

Deer have been increasingly invading residential and commercial properties in Westfield.

More and more wildlife are starting to seek food and other resources on residential and commercial properties. Deer are one of the biggest culprits in the communities of Westfield, Watchung, and Warren, NJ area. They wander onto properties and destroy plants, leave harmful waste, and bring the threat of disease to your family and pets.

At Stream Line Lawn & Landscape, we look to avoid the issue through prevention services. We provide deer repellent spray on a monthly basis

The Damage Deer Can Cause to Your Lawn & Landscaping

Deer are a major issue in NJ, especially when your land has plants that attract them to your property. They strip trees and shrubs of their foliage and forage in your yard and garden for sustenance. They create irreparable damage to your lawn and landscaping. Once deer know they can count on your yard to be a source of food, they will keep coming back.

Diseases Deer Can Carry via Tick-Borne Illnesses

Deer carry a wide variety of diseases, but the most common problem you need to be aware of is ticks. Deer ticks, as the name suggests, are commonly carried onto local properties from deer. Deer ticks are carriers of Lyme disease, which can be extremely detrimental to your health. Other tick-borne illnesses that deer could potentially bring into your yard include Anaplasmosis, Babesiosis, and Ehrlichiosis.

Lyme disease symptoms should be taken seriously. If you or a family member notice any tick bites or ticks on your property, be wary, and contact a doctor immediately.

Other common diseases carried by deer in NJ include:

  • Tularemia
  • Bovine Tuberculosis
  • Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD)
  • Rabies
  • Cryptosporidiosis

Deer Feces Can Cause Hazards

Deer droppings are an annoyance for homeowners to have to clean. Additionally, their waste can be hazardous to pets and family if they are exposed to it. Some of the diseases that are carried in deer can actually be transmitted via the feces, if another animal or person comes into contact with it.

How Often Our Deer Repellent Spray Can Be Applied

Before the deer have a chance to wander onto your property, take control of the situation. At Stream Line Lawn & Landscape, we offer environmentally friendly and humane deer repellent all year long for your properties in or around Westfield, as well as areas like Watchung and Warren, NJ. Spray can be applied from 7-12 times per year and should have about four weeks in between each treatment.

Deer repellent used by our company is safe for children and pets. It effectively deters deer from making a meal out of your landscape plants by affecting their sense of taste and smell.

Be Strategic By Installing Plants That Naturally Deter Deer

Property owners in Watchung need to carefully consider what plants they install in their landscaping.

At Stream Line Lawn & Landscape, we recommend homeowners and business owners be strategic when choosing the types of plants they will have in their landscaping design. If you have a known deer problem in your area, be wary of what you are planting and install plants that naturally deter deer.

DO plant:

  • Ornamental grasses
  • Boxwood
  • Spruces

DO NOT plant:

  • Hostas
  • Azalea or Rhododendron
  • Delicate Perennials

Call for an estimate on protecting your home or business landscaping from deer.

At Stream Line Lawn & Landscape, we help customers across NJ avoid deer issues on their properties. Whether you have a business or a home, you want to protect your landscaping. We protect your land all year long with deer repellent that keeps your property healthy and wildlife free.

Contact us at (833) 452-9666 for an estimate today! We work with residential and commercial properties all across Westfield, Watchung, and Warren, NJ.

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