As the summer season comes to an end in New Jersey, it's the perfect time to start sprucing up your landscape for the fall months. Fortunately, four maintenance tasks will revitalize its appearance and ensure it's in top condition before winter: debris cleanup, mulch refreshing, plant trimming, and dead or unwanted plant removal. Implementing all four of these maintenance tasks will spruce up your landscape and get it in tip-top shape to ensure it stays equally healthy and aesthetically appealing this fall.

1. Debris Cleanup

Fall is the perfect time to spruce up your landscape with a thorough debris cleanup. Throughout the year, it can accumulate stray leaves, sticks, and twigs, giving it a messy appearance. Removing the debris will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your landscape and promote a healthier environment for your plants by removing potential breeding grounds for pests and diseases and allowing resources to better reach the soil. Ensuring your landscape is well-maintained by cleaning up debris will help it transition smoothly into winter dormancy, keeping it in good shape.

2. Mulch Refreshing

Light brown mulch in a landscape bed in Westfield, NJ, with colorful flowers.

Another essential fall maintenance task for your landscape is mulch refreshing. Mulch offers a multitude of benefits, including preventing erosion, retaining moisture, blocking weeds, and regulating soil temperature; this will ensure your plants have improved conditions during the winter. By installing mulch, not only do you enhance the aesthetic appeal of your landscape beds, but you also ensure the health and longevity of your plants. That way, they have the best chance of surviving winter dormancy and bouncing back come springtime.

Some of the most popular mulch types in New Jersey are black, brown, hardwood, and cedar.

3. Plant Trimming

Well-maintained plants and shrubs in a landscape in Westfield, NJ.

Plant trimming is crucial for maintaining a beautiful landscape in the fall. Trimming involves cutting back overgrowth and stray branches that make your plants look messy, enhancing their shape and beauty so that they transition into winter in top condition. It also allows more sunlight to filter through and reach other parts of your plants and improves air circulation by reducing overgrowth that would otherwise hinder these resources. Because of this, trimming your plants is a vital maintenance task for the fall.

Regain control over unruly trees and shrubs by trimming them back to a manageable size and shaping them according to your preferences.

4. Dead & Unwanted Plant Removal

Another way you can elevate your landscape's allure this fall is by prioritizing dead and unwanted plant removal. Dead and unwanted plants drag down the aesthetic of your landscape beds, plus take up vital space and resources from your otherwise healthy vegetation. By removing dead or unwanted plants, you'll not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also promote the health and vibrancy of your garden, which is especially beneficial right before winter dormancy.

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