Adding mulch to landscape beds or other areas without grass is often done to produce a neat and even look. Many home and business owners may be unaware that there are also several important benefits that mulch provides for the health of plants.

For those wondering why your landscaping beds located in Westfield, Watchung, Warren, and nearby New Jersey areas need mulch, the answer is that it offers a trifecta of health benefits, including soil insulation, erosion control, and added water absorption.

Proper mulch coverage offers soil insulation during extreme temperature changes.

We installed rock ground cover at this commercial property in Watchung, NJ.

Plants require several things from our environment to promote healthy growth: air, water, and nutrients. If the air is too hot or too cold, plants will suffer. A proper mulch installation can help in the battle to prevent damage to your plants from extreme temperatures.

The soil can maintain healthy levels of moisture easier to provide the plant with the nutrients it needs for survival. It’s still a good idea to cover your plants to protect them during hard freezes, but the mulch will play a role in preventing the total death of the plant.

A 1” to 2” layer can act as a blanket to insulate the soil and help to regulate a plant’s temperature.

Mulch delivers erosion control during storms and snowmelts.

Rushing water can deal serious damage to the soil beneath your plants, stripping it of the essential nutrients that give them vitality. Likewise, soil can be washed away during snowmelts as water meanders its way to creeks and rivers for natural drainage.

Mulch allows water to flow through it while protecting the soil underneath, thus slowing the erosion process. Even if small bits of mulch are washed away, the majority of the pieces will remain in place, especially with the use of raised landscape beds.

If you have persistent problems with erosion in your landscape beds, consider having a professional crew like Stream Line Lawn & Landscape install raised beds with pavers to create a barrier.

Mulch aids in the absorption of water on sunny days.

Mulch at this funeral home will protect these plants from losing moisture to evaporation in Warren.

When the sun is beating down, essential moisture can be evaporated before it has the chance to seep down into the soil. Especially for properties with irrigation systems, it’s important to water before sunrise to give the water a chance to soak in.

Mulch can also be extremely helpful in aiding with water absorption. Water trickles down through mulch layers then into the soil. An adequate layer of mulch will prevent the sun from evaporating moisture, giving it a better chance to reach the root systems of your plants.

Mulch looks great and fills in areas with no grass.

On top of all of the health benefits mulch provides, there’s also the simple fact that it just looks great. In areas where the sun can’t reach, mulch or decorative rock fill in the gaps to avoid looking unkempt.

There are many choices of colors, styles, and sizes, so home and business owners can customize the look to suit their landscaping needs.

Mulch is very low maintenance but should be refreshed annually to preserve the look and color you choose.

We can help you protect your soil for better plant growth!

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