Leaves are a beautiful sight to see here in New Jersey, especially when they turn different colors in the fall. However, as beautiful as they are, when they start falling from the trees and piling up on your lawn they can cause a variety of problems. For instance, leaf piles can smother your grass by covering it and blocking essential nutrients from reaching it. They also create an ideal environment for pests like ants and spiders to hide in during the winter. Lastly, leaf piles provide the perfect environment for lawn diseases to fester, especially if they get covered in snow and sit all winter. For these reasons, it's important that you don't leave leaves on your lawn over the winter season.

Leaf piles can smother your lawn and block essential nutrients from reaching your grass.

Your lawn needs nutrients to grow healthy, so you'll want to ensure it has easy access to them throughout the year. Unfortunately, this won't happen if there is a pile of leaves sitting on top of it! Leaves smother your grass and block these vital nutrients from reaching it. As time passes, your turf could become weak, brown, or even dead. So, you'll want to remove the leaves as soon as possible to ensure your grass has enough nutrients to thrive. This is especially important during the fall here in New Jersey because your lawn will need to absorb all of the nutrients it can to make it through the winter season!

Leaf piles can attract pests to your property.

One of the biggest reasons that you should remove leaves from your property before the winter season arrives is that they can attract pests to your property! Piles of leaves can attract pests like ants, cockroaches, spiders, and others looking to take advantage of warmer environments. These pests find refuge in leaf piles because they are warm and protected from the elements. If you leave the leaves on your lawn over the winter, these pests could come out when spring arrives and cause damage to your lawn or potentially even hurt people or pests on your property. What's more, the closer pests get to your home or business, the more likely they are to make their way inside!

Leaf piles offer the perfect environment for lawn diseases.

Lawn diseases can cause serious damage to your grass and can set your lawn back significantly. You need to do everything you can to prevent a lawn disease from affecting your turf. Unfortunately, leaving leaf piles on your lawn over the winter creates the perfect environment for them to fester, especially if they get covered in snow. If a lawn disease develops underneath the leaf piles on your lawn, you likely won't even notice it until spring arrives. By that time, the disease will have likely caused significant damage to your turf, and you'll need to not only deal with the disease but also invest in lawn care services to help your turf recover.

Some common lawn diseases that can infect lawns in New Jersey include brown patch, anthracnose, dollar spot, and more.

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