The warm weather is here. The only catch is that your friends and family aren’t the only guests at your weekend barbeque. In fact, there will likely be hundreds of other visitors buzzing around—and they want your blood!

To avoid painful, itchy bites—not to mention potentially serious illnesses, it’s important to learn how to keep mosquitoes out of your yard. Below you will find several suggestions from the lawn and landscape care pros here at Stream Line Lawn & Landscape.

Clear Out, Empty Stagnant Water & Piles of Leaves

Mosquitoes are breeding in this stagnant water in Watchung, NJ.

By now, everyone knows that mosquitoes breed in pools of stagnant water. A lesser known fact is that they also enjoy reproducing in nasty, moist piles of leaves and lawn debris. Many landscaping companies offer spring cleanups, which is a helpful way to eliminate the problem.

As for keeping stagnant water away from your property, it’s up to the homeowner to do the leg work. Take a quick tour of your property and identify potential breeding sites, which can include pooled water, bird baths, and even the bottom of fire pits. Once identified, dump them out! Also, take a moment to see if you can prevent the water from accumulating during the next storm.

Hire a Professional Pest Control Crew

The most effective method for keeping mosquitoes out of your yard is to hire a professional pest control crew. Many landscaping companies such as Stream Line Lawn & Landscape provide pest control services to help manage the problem. The pros know how to spot potential breeding spots that can be hard to reach or hidden from the average homeowner.

A powerful, yet safe mist is applied to the grounds surrounding the home and around the property. The product can kill and repel living mosquitoes and prevent eggs from hatching. The overall effect is a much more pleasant experience while enjoying the fresh air.

Install Mosquito Repelling Plants in Your Landscaping

There are a few plants that work as a natural repellent for mosquitoes. The most common plant used is called citronella, but there are several others, including lemon balm, catnip, and marigolds. The real plus side is that the plants themselves are actually pretty attractive. They can be included in your landscape scheme and won’t stand out or be an eyesore. Ask the pros here at Stream Line Lawn & Landscape for suggestions for including mosquito repelling plants into your landscaping.

Many birds feed on mosquitoes, so consider installing a birdhouse to attract them to your property.

Use Bug Spray Regularly to Deter Mosquitoes

Applying bug spray in Warren is an effective way to deter bug bites.

Perhaps the most obvious technique for keeping away mosquitoes is bug spray. There are several varieties, but the most effective sprays include a product called DEET. There are other topical choices, such as creams and pump-sprays that are chemical free and organic.

If the purpose is to keep the mosquitoes out of your yard, you may wonder why personal spray is helpful. The answer is simple: fewer targets means fewer bugs. It’s that simple. The mosquitoes will only swarm where there are food sources. On top of bug repellent, you may want to consider covering your legs and feet whenever possible.

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