To ensure your lawn in New Jersey is happy, healthy, and looking its best, it’s important to feed it the right stuff. Just like any other living thing, your lawn needs a balanced regimen of minerals and nutrients in order to thrive. And that’s where fertilizer treatments come in. In this article, we’ll discuss why it’s so important to fertilize your lawn in the early spring and again in the late spring, and why it’s wise to add an extra layer of defense to your lawn in the spring with a pre-emergent weed control treatment.

You should fertilize your lawn in the early spring.

You should fertilize your grass in the early spring because it will provide essential nutrients to your grass to help it recover from winter stress and encourage healthy growth. During the cold winters we have here in New Jersey, your grass will go into dormancy. By fertilizing your lawn in the early spring, you'll be giving your grass everything it needs to emerge from winter dormancy on the right foot. You should apply your first round of fertilizer in March or April as this is the time of year when your lawn will be getting ready to enter the new growing season.

You should fertilize your lawn again in the late spring.

As the spring season winds down, you should apply another fertilization treatment to your lawn. That's because a late spring fertilizer treatment will replenish any nutrients that your lawn has used up and will also help support the continued growth of your lawn throughout the dog days of summer. During the summer months in New Jersey, temperatures are often high and rainfall is often low—a combination that can be inhospitable for your lawn. Taking the proper steps in the spring to make sure your lawn is well-nourished and robust will make it better able to tolerate these unfavorable conditions and retain its lush green appearance throughout the season.

You should apply a pre-emergent weed control treatment in the spring.

Once you’ve given your lawn all the “good stuff,” you’ll want to get rid of the “bad stuff.” Or, better yet, stop it from cropping up in the first place. Weeds are bad for your lawn because they compete with the grass for vital resources such as water, sunlight, and nutrients. What’s more, some weeds can spread rapidly and quickly taking over your entire lawn, and making it unattractive and difficult to maintain. Weeds can be rather difficult to remove once they’ve taken root, so the best way to combat weed growth is to nip it in the bud with pre-emergent weed control.

Pre-emergent weed control is a lawn treatment designed to prevent weed seeds from sprouting. This type of treatment works by creating a barrier in the soil that stops weed seeds from sprouting and establishing roots. Pre-emergent weed control should be applied in the early spring (around the same time as your early spring fertilizer treatment) before the weed seeds have a chance to germinate. This allows you to proactively prevent weeds from taking root in your lawn and reduces the need for manual weed removal or chemical treatment later in the season.

Common weeds in New Jersey include annual bluegrass, annual ryegrass, barnyard grass, and more.

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