It takes more than weekly mowing to maintain a healthy lawn. Other services such as core aeration and overseeding should be performed annually to encourage long-term grass health. Core aeration is the process of loosening up your compacted soil while overseeding is meant to fill in any patchy or bare areas. Our company is a big believer in performing both together every year to obtain the best results for your lawn.

What is core aeration?

Lawn Aerator Aerating a Lawn

The point of core aeration is to loosen up compacted soil. Compacted soil is a common issue and can happen easily over time due to heavy foot traffic, regular lawnmower usage, heavy rain, etc. If your soil is too compact, essential nutrients don't have easy access to your roots. This causes many issues and you will begin to notice them as your grass health begins to deteriorate.

When you sign up for core aeration, a lawn care company like ours will use an aerator to pull up tiny cores of soil all throughout your lawn. By removing these cores, your soil and roots will be able to gain access to sunlight, water, and essential nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Core aeration should be scheduled in the spring season to give your lawn a boost after the cold, winter months.

Core aeration improves your lawn by:

  • Increasing the flow of essential nutrients to the roots of your grass
  • Encouraging better root hydration
  • Preventing a buildup of toxins in your soil due to pesticides and/or poor drainage

What is overseeding?

Grass Seed

Overseeding is the process of scattering grass seeds throughout your existing lawn. The point of this service is to fill in the stubborn, patchy areas throughout your lawn. With correct prep and post-overseeding maintenance tasks, the new seeds will germinate and turn into thick, lush grass blades.

An important thing to note about this service is that you must overseed with the correct grass type. Our area in New Jersey has cool-season grass types, meaning that our lawns thrive in the cooler spring and fall seasons. Consult a professional team like ours to ensure that your lawn is overseeded with the correct type of grass!

Overseeding improves your lawn by:

  • Supporting consistent growth in the patchy or spotty areas of your turf
  • Encouraging thick, fuller grass
  • Adding vibrancy to the look of your lawn
  • Managing weed growth

Why do core aeration and overseeding need to be scheduled together?

Like peanut butter and jelly, core aeration and overseeding are not complete without one another. To get the best results for your lawn, aeration and overseeding are the duo that your lawn needs to obtain long-term health.

Core aeration without overseeding means that your roots will receive access to extra nutrients, however, your patchy areas will still remain patchy. Overseeding without core aeration means that the extra seeds won't have great seed-to-soil contact, which will risk the chances of many seeds failing to germinate.

Do you want to go the extra mile for your lawn? Include dethatching at the time of your core aeration and overseeding services to give your lawn an extra boost.

Do you need core aeration and overseeding services? Call us to get the job done right!

Core aeration and overseeding are essential services to keep your lawn healthy and strong all year long. Our experienced professionals provide top-notch aeration and overseeding services to the Westfield, New Jersey area, including Watchung, Warren, and Scotch Plains. If your residential or commercial property is located nearby, give our team a call today at (833) 452-9666 to schedule with us. We can't wait to transform your grass into the healthy, strong lawn that you have always wanted!