With the fall season here in New Jersey comes the perfect time to build up your lawn's strength and health before winter. To do this, combining weed control and fertilization treatments is a must! Fertilizing your grass in the fall will help it recover from any summer-related stress and prepare for dormancy. On the other hand, post-emergent weed control treatments will ensure weeds don't take advantage of these essential nutrients and steal them away for themselves, which your turf needs to survive winter. However, you'll want to hire professionals to apply fertilization and weed control treatments this fall because they have the products, skills, and knowledge of when to do so to ensure the best results.

Fertilizing Your Lawn in the Fall Will Help It Recover After Summer & Prepare for Winter

The summer season is challenging on your grass, as the hot weather can stress it out. So, it will benefit from being fertilized in the fall. Fertilizing will replenish its supply of vital nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium; these macronutrients promote its desirable green color, strengthen its roots, and build up its resistance to stressors. With this influx of nourishment, it can recover from any summer-related stress, rebuilding its tip-top shape.

Fertilizing your lawn in the fall will also prepare it for winter by bolstering its health, making it stronger and more capable of withstanding cold temperatures. That way, it's better equipped to survive the winter season and make it until the following spring.

Your lawn will need a winterizer treatment in the late fall/early winter to ensure it has enough nutrients to survive winter dormancy and green up quicker come spring.

Utilizing Post-Emergent Weed Control Treatments in the Fall Will Eliminate Nutrient-Stealing Weeds

While fertilizing your lawn in the fall will provide the nutrients it needs to reach its full potential before winter, there's also the threat of weeds. Weeds will take any opportunity to steal that nourishment away for themselves, meaning your grass can't maximize the applications. Because of this, you'll need to utilize post-emergent weed control treatments, too. Post-emergents target weeds directly, as they're applied to any existing growth, where they'll then seep into the soil and kill it at its roots. These treatments will eliminate these nutrient-stealing plants and ensure all the nutrients from the fertilizer applications go to your lawn, especially since it needs them to survive winter dormancy.

Hire pros to apply fertilization and weed control treatments to your lawn this fall.

If you want to give your lawn the best results from fertilization and weed control treatments this fall, then it's best to hire professionals to apply them. After all, pros will administer them at the right time to ensure your grass gets the most out of them. They also have highly effective products and know how to utilize them correctly, as they care for lawns for a living. With experts fertilizing and controlling weeds this fall, you can rest easy knowing your turf will be set up for success and have the best chance of surviving and bouncing back quicker come springtime!

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