Proper mowing schedules and techniques are some of the most important things that contribute to the overall health of your lawn. When your lawn is not mowed properly, the grass can weaken and will suffer in the process. That is why many people turn to professional lawn mowing services, but when you hire a company to mow your lawn for you, make sure to research them first and ask the right questions.

Learn about three mistakes you should avoid when hiring lawn mowing services in Westfield, Watchung, Warren, and surrounding areas of New Jersey.

1. Choosing a company that mows the lawn too short.

When you mow your lawn yourself, it is probably tempting to mow the lawn shorter to avoid cutting it more often. This practice, however, is harmful to your grass because it should only be cut by one-third of its height every time. While you may not know this, a professional lawn mowing company should know that. If your lawn mowing crew cuts your grass too short every time, they are not mowing your lawn correctly and are setting it up to fail.

Make sure when you talk to a lawn mowing service, you ask them how much they cut off of the grass each time. If they can't give you a right answer, move on to a different company.

2. Choosing a company that does not mow on a consistent schedule.

If the company you speak with does not offer consistent mowing schedules or packages, then you need to choose another. Your grass should always be mowed at routine intervals in order to keep it at the proper height. This also goes along with cutting off one-third of the grass blade at a time. If you wait too long between mows, then the grass will get too long. Make sure as well that each time the company mows, they are including:

  • Edging
  • String-trimming
  • Blowing

Proper, routine mowing ensures that your grass will be healthier and happier during the growing season in Watchung, NJ.

3. Choosing a company that uses the same mowing patterns.

Bright green lawn with proper mowing routines in Westfield, NJ.

Any mowing company worth their salt will know that they should always rotate mowing patterns every time they visit your property. If they do not change up those patterns, you will end up with ruts in your lawn and very compacted soil underneath those ruts. Compacted soil inhibits the roots of the grass from absorbing nutrients, thus weakening the overall structure of the lawn. The ruts themselves will look unsightly in your grass and will break up the green of the lawn.

At Stream Line Lawn & Landscape, we have years of experience when it comes to mowing lawns and we will always mow your lawn correctly.

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